What Are the Risks if I Remove Braces Myself?

Wearing braces may not be the most convenient thing to experience — In fact, it is one of the worst. Many people who have worn them complain to their dentist a lot of inconvenience, pain, and sore after having the braces on.  

The following may compel a user to remove the braces: 

  • Getting paranoid about staining the braces 
  • Eating and chewing can be severely painful 
  • Always having the feeling of food getting stuck in the braces 
  • Difficulty in using your articulator in a normal way 
  • You get cuts in your mouth and tongue due to the brackets and wires 


All of these may be experienced after putting the braces on, and some of these complaints may still be experienced even after several months of wearing braces.  


Braces are removed at least a year of having them on, although some cases can last up to several years, depending on the severity of the teeth and/or jaw misalignment. This entails that the user needs to visit the orthodontist at least once a month for adjustments before having to remove them completely after a few years. This tempts other users to remove their braces on their own at home.  


The following are the dangers of removing the braces without professional assistance: 


1.It might cause severe pain 

Having braces can give an individual some pain on their mouth and teeth; however, this does not give justification for removing them on their own. Orthodontists use specialized tools intended for this job, and removing them using any tools available at home is highly discouraged by doctors. Gums may start to bleed and the user may experience severe pain once the braces are handled and removed improperly, and this can result in oral infection or worse, more misalignment.  


2.You can lose your teeth 

Braces are tightly put on your teeth, and your teeth are also still vulnerable due to the constant pressure they are newly adapting to. Once removed improperly using the wrong tools and inadequate knowledge on the removal process, there is a high chance that the user may lose a tooth or two.  


3.More misalignment 

Braces are put to correct misalignment, and even after the treatment, the orthodontist will put retainers to keep the teeth from relapsing. However, if the user prematurely removes the braces without a proper tool and professional help, there is a chance that the teeth may start relapsing, or worse, getting more misaligned.  


4.It causes bacterial infection  

Removing braces by force and without proper procedure may cause the teeth to scratch chip, or cause abrasions on them. With these scratches and chips, bacteria can easily spread and grow in between the crevices. In addition to this, removing the braces improperly can cause harm to your enamel.  


5.The treatment will not be effective 

Braces are expensive, and this is why you need to follow the correct procedure when it comes to adjustments and removal; otherwise, the treatment and teeth correction will not work and you will end wasting the effort, time, and money in putting on the braces.  



It is already given that pain and inconvenience are experienced when using braces. However, there is a need to be patient until the next adjustment and avoid doing things without professional advice.